Preventive Youth Cream C-FB - 50ml

Item number: C-FB-C001
RRP: 99,00€

PREVENTIVE YOUTH CREAM provides the skin
with everything it needs to maintain its firmness
and youthful radiance.

→ Moisturizing, highly exclusive active ingredients
→ Comprehensive cell protection against harmful environmental influences
→ Blue light protection
→ Antioxidant ingredients against premature collagen breakdown and unwanted pigmentation
→ Extra hyaluron kick

For an inimitable velvety skin feeling

Ectoin, Pinus Pinaster, Benzylide dimetoxide. (AHR), Hyaluronic Acid Triple Solution

After cleansing and opening, apply the PREVENTIVE YOUTH CREAM to the entire face, neck and cleavage.
If you use our CONTOURING BOOSTER or TOTAL If you also use REPAIR BOOSTER, we recommend applying the cream ABOVE these two boosters in order to achieve an optimal synergy of active ingredients.
Your skin is thus protected from harmful environmental influences. At the same time, they decisively counteract premature collagen degradation. In this way you provide your skin with everything it needs to maintain its firmness and youthful radiance.

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( 166.38 € / 100ml)

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