Gentle Purifying Fluid C-RF - 50+50ml

Item number: C-RF-P001B
RRP: 36,00€

The particularly mild and skin-pampering GENTLE PURIFYING FLUID cleanses the skin on a micelle basis.

→ Stimulates the skin's protective function through caring, high-quality active ingredients
→ Anti-inflammatory plant extracts
→ Skin calming

For a pure and soft skin feeling.

Ectoin, Pinus Pinaster, 4-t-butylcyclohexanol, micelle

In the best case, apply the fluid as the first cleaning step a washable microfiber cloth and use it to clean the entire face and neck area.
Then you can moisten the same cloth slightly and then clean it again with a little water. All dirt particles that contain water or oil are thus removed from your skin.

This is a refill product and can only be used as a replacement/replenishment for a corresponding full-body (FB) product.

Off For legal reasons, we recommend that you also use a new pump when changing a refill to rule out contamination when changing the pump.
Please make your own decision and consider the sustainability standards that we share with our customers and partners (inside) track.

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( 30.25 € / 100ml)

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