HydrolSilk - Lubricant & Massagegel - 100ml

Item number: HydroSilk
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– water-based –

Extra moisture for a wonderful glide.
The formulation gives you a feeling similar to natural body lubrication.

With our water-based lubricant & massage gel, you can experience a natural and intense touch and at the same time rely on maximum compatibility with your toys.

We have optimized HydroSilk especially for an extremely natural gliding sensation. So if the feeling of the unique lubricating film of water on the skin is particularly important to you, then HydroSilk is the product for you.
The particularly high compatibility with your toys and condoms makes it easy and safe to use.

The practical, drip-free airless dispenser allows you to apply the perfect amount and won’t run out even if it’s upside down or you forget it between your pillows. This is particularly important with a water-based product because it needs to be reapplied more frequently than silicone-based products.
With its discreet design, it also looks good on your bedside table or in your bathroom.

- A new form of particularly natural lubrication
- Particularly skin-friendly and outstandingly nourishing
- Pleasant imitation of the body’s own lubricating secretions
- Particularly natural feeling
- Versatile in use
- Odorless and tasteless
- Hypoallergenic formula
- Free from parabens, glycerine and silicones
- Leaves no residue
- Highest condom and toy compatibility (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
- Extremely economical and perfectly dispensable in a discreet, elegant airless dispenser

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